When Your Child is Angry or Depressed

QUESTION: I have an adult daughter. She was brought up in spirituality and a spiritually minded atmosphere has surrounded her for years yet she continues to be very angry, depressed and hypnotized believing that everyone is against her and no one knows anything, including me. She's angry at the health professionals trying to help her, and angry at God.

I realize this is a wonderful opportunity to see only the ONE. Being present for another in the face of their anger and fear requires continual vigilance. Any suggestions?


God Bless your daughter. We know what it's like to live in the struggle of human life.

Bear in mind that no matter how deeply one is "asleep" EVERYONE EVENTUALLY wakes up to the same truth - maybe not this lifetime but EVENTUALLY.

So bearing that in mind, we have to surrender all fear if the situation is sticky. And you know if it's sticky by that twisting feeling that goes on in your stomach.

If it's sticky then examine your fears by asking, "Is there anything I'm afraid of not getting? or losing?" and then become willing for them to happen.

I surrender the fear (personal sense) - that part of me that has something at stake or that's leaning for a particular outcome. That's the personal sense. Release it. Release God.

Then when I experience the peace, I mirror and narrate. For anyone "sleeping" I know they can't hear me, and in some cases,are pissed off at me (my light). What did St Bernard say? "Bring on the mockers!" - meaning he's making tremendous strides in knowing the Truth about collective consciousness. The mockers are the collective and the confirmation he's on the right path!

So every time you're triggered, stop, search for your fear (even if you have to write to get clear) and then become willing for that fear to happen because the personal sense got back on board.

Also see my piece on forgiveness - it might be helpful too:

The Spiritual Principle of Forgiveness

As for your daughter, and mostly for the sake of your own peace, just narrate: "I see you are frustrated with the doctors. I can imagine feeling conflicted about treatments (given her background). I see you might be scared, or this makes you angry."

Whatever you're observing she's going through, just narrate. THEN ask what you can do to support her.

We, through love, in Truth, just support. That's it. Her awakening belongs to her.

So much love,