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Details of each of the May 2011 retreats:

"Rising To Mystical Consciousness" 16-19 May 2011

"Absolute Surrender To God" 20-22 May 2011

"Mystical Healing" 28-30 May 2011

PLEASE NOTE: When booking a place at one or more of these retreats:

* A few people have asked whether they "have" to attend all three retreats. No! Each retreat is self-complete and will lift consciousness to a tangibly higher (more illumined) state. (Attending two or all three retreats is ideal but understandably unfeasible for many. However the audios of each retreat will be available to everyone within a few weeks, which Paul advises you to get if you can.)

* The audio sets of each retreat ARE FREE to each attendee.

* Please come as "spiritually prepared" as possible. Each of these retreats will lift consciousness to a high, illumined, and tangible (evidenced) state which requires as much stillness and silence as possible AS YOU START THE RETREAT (and of course, during). We will have much guided meditation and silence which you, and the group as a whole, will benefit from "quicker" and "deeper" the more peaceful and spiritually poised you are as you arrive.

The more still and illumined each individual consciousness IS and BECOMES during the retreat, the higher the whole group experience is, and is able to CONTINUE after the retreat.

Therefore please, at least, try to have one hour of pondering truth (lifting consciousness) and silence before the start of each retreat, and before each morning session begins. Thank you!


* It is NOT necessary (as previously thought) to book accommodation at the Portofino Hotel when attending the "Absolute Surrender To God" retreat. You can of course stay at any hotel or motel - there is a good choice in the area. (If you do want a little luxury we highly recommend the Portofino Hotel!)

* Re: "Mystical Healing" Retreat, Novato. The Novato Oaks Inn have told us that it is wise to book your accommodation AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE because the retreat is over Memorial weekend, which fills the hotel. We advise you to book your room now if you haven't already.

Free Pre-Retreats TeleClass Audio

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Pre-Retreats TeleClass for May 2011 "Mystical Consciousness" Retreats